Weekly Bible Reading:
Week of February 16th: Mark 8-12

Koinonia Fellowship Meal, Wednesday, February 19, Family Life Center, 6 p.m.
Ladies Night Out, Thursday, February 20, Family Life Center (not Starbucks), 7:30

Prayer Focus: Families

A Word from Clyde:

L1, L2: The Heart of Westhill

We find what has been called The Jesus Creed in Mark 12:28-34. Sometimes we refer to it at Westhill
as practicing L1, L2 (Love God, Love Others). These words of Jesus indicate that at Westhill, success
must be measured by the transformation of our people into kingdom-centered disciples who love God
and follow the model of Jesus in loving others.

We are called to remember we are here in order to help reveal Christ to others. We do that by going
out into the world, for the sake of the world, as living sacrifices for Jesus.

The Jesus Creed has to be internalized if we are going to live it out in daily life. We recite it together
as a congregation periodically, and sometimes we sing it. I recite it each morning after I pray the
Lord’s prayer. I added it to my morning so that I could internalize it, and I’d encourage you to consider
finding a way for it to become a part of you as well.

As Michael Green hauntingly observed, “God’s church exists not for itself but for the benefit of those
who are not yet members...[and] the church which lives for itself will be sure to die by itself” (qtd. in
Scot McKnight, The Jesus Creed, dig. loc. 2943).

L1, L2! Let’s go. Let’s go with love for God and for those made in the image of God. They are the
ones he calls us to love as we love ourselves. We are sent into the world for the sake of the world,
following in the footsteps of the King of kings!

Clyde H. Slimp
Preaching Minister
Westhill Church of Christ
Cleburne, Texas