Weekly Bible Reading:

Week of August 9th: 2 Corinthians 12-13, Galatians 1-3


Faith Café - Nourishment for Your Soul – Westhill will host guest speakers during the month of August on Wednesday evenings in the Auditorium. 

    August 12 - Gary Albritton (Shiloh Road COC)

    August 19 - Steve Cloer (Southside COC)

    August 26 - Ryan Inlow (Pleasant Ridge COC)

Join us for spiritual helpings of nurturing and encouragement!


Prayer Focus:   For August, our Prayer Focus is for Wisdom.


Devotional Thought for the Week:


Faith when God says “No”

Abraham had thought Eliezer, a servant born in his household, would be his heir. But God said no. God said his heir would be a son born to Abraham, not just one born within his household.


Abraham had listened to his wife when she suggested that perhaps the best way to produce an heir would be to take her Egyptian handmaid, Hagar, as an “extra” wife. Abraham sired Ishmael through Hagar. Later, upon hearing the plan of God to give him an heir through Sarah, Abraham begged God to just let Ishmael be the son of promise. You can almost hear the desperation in his voice as he cries out to God in Genesis 17:18: “Oh that Ishmael might live before You!” But God said no. It was a modified no—God would bless Ishmael. But he said no to Abraham’s “workaround” plan. God had a different plan.


The promise remained the same, and the dream eventually came true. Abraham eventually experiences the joy of holding Isaac, his newborn son.


What do you do when God says no? When he says not yet? When he says, “Trust me; I have a better plan”—what will you do? You will likely have the chance to find out. 


Look back to the struggle for faith that Abraham experienced. See how God worked in his life. Try to find some comfort in knowing that others have struggled before you. And let verses such as James 2:23, which holds up Abraham and his example, help you hold on to your own trust in God: “And the scripture was fulfilled that says, ‘Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,’ and he was called God’s friend.”

Clyde H. Slimp

Preaching Minister

Westhill Church of Christ

Cleburne, Texas