Weekly Bible Reading:  

(for reading through the New Testament in one year)

Week of October 18th: Hebrews 9-13


Sunday Morning Bible Classes begin again on Sunday, November 1st. That is also EEM (Eastern European Mission) Sunday. Lanny Tucker will speak in the auditorium at 9 a.m.

for a combined Youth & Adult class. Children 5th grade and younger will meet in classrooms.

Monthly Prayer Focus: For October, our Prayer Focus is for Strength and Attitude.

Hope for Haiti's Children is having an event this Saturday. It is a virtual event called "Coffee for a Cause" from 9 to 10. Please use the link below to find out more information.


Devotional Thought for the Week:

Parents, Get Your Kids On God's Path!

Proverbs 22:6 urges us to do something, parents! Listen up to what God's wisdom says we need to do: "Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are old, they will not stray" (NLT). The understanding that best fits the overall context of Proverbs is that this means parents should train children to get on the right path, and that there is one (and only one) right path: God's path of wisdom.


Tremper Longman writes that Proverbs "are not guarantees. They are generally true principles. It is much more likely that one's children will grow up well if trained in a godly manner than if they are not." Parents should not be eaten up with guilt if they taught their children to follow God's path and their children strayed from the path.


But here's the deal: directing your children onto the right path isn't easy, and it doesn't happen by accident! One thing you can do to start them down the right path is to take them to worship where you and they can experience God and learn about his ways. You'll be encouraged by other parents who are seeking to help their kids onto God's path.


God has so much to offer and we–and our children–have so very much to gain. Stop waiting and get moving! You are responsible for job #1: "Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are old, they will not stray."


Clyde H. Slimp

Preaching Minister

Westhill Church of Christ

Cleburne, Texas