Westhill Church of Christ:  Worship Services Re-opening

The elders are striving to return to worship services as promptly and safely as possible for our members and guests.  With the advent of the Covid-19 virus and the risks that are associated with contracting this virus, the elders, after reviewing numerous perspectives and guidelines, as well as the composition of our membership, are asking those attending worship services to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Please:

  • No handshakes
  • No hugging
  • Please keep safe distances between yourself and others (respect their space).
  • Wear face masks or coverings, if you feel more comfortable about your safety.
  • Do not come if you have a fever or any corona virus symptoms.
  • Do not come if you feel you are in a higher-risk category, or you feel it is too soon to return to worship for your own personal safety.  Please continue to use the website for viewing.

2. Entrance doors will be propped open before and after services.

3. Communion kits are to be picked up as you enter the auditorium. (Not passed out.)

4. Communion will be near the end of the worship service.  (Allows for easier clean-up.)

5. Trash containers will be at the back of the auditorium for communion kit disposal after services are over.

6. The nursery will be open, but no staff or supervision will be available.

7. There will be no Bible classes indefinitely.

8. Please keep 6 feet between your family and others when selecting seating.

9. Children are asked to stay with their parents.

10. There will be no children's church.

11. Prayer request cards need to be given to an elder before the service begins.

12. No attendance cards will be taken.

13. No microphones will be used in the audience.

14. No coffee will be provided.

15. Doors will continue to be locked at 10:15 and monitored for entry on Sunday mornings.

16. Contributions may be placed in one of the collection plates as you leave the building.

      (Someone will be there to monitor the collection plates for security reasons.)

17. No Sunday evening services; small groups can meet at their discretion.

18. Additional handicapped spaces have been added on both sides of the building; designated visitor spaces have been

      added to the east side parking.

19. The FLC will not be used on Sundays or Wednesdays, either for classes or small groups, as well as during the week for

      activities. (This reduces the level of clean-up required for maintaining a safe environment.)

20. A Wednesday evening service may begin later.  It will consist of singing, praying, and a devotional message in the

      auditorium only.  No classes of any age will meet.

       All of the guidelines in #1 will apply!

21. Doors will be locked on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 and monitored for security reasons when we return.


Other guidelines may be added or removed as we begin services for reasons of safety or to make worship nearer to what we have become accustomed.  May God bless us as we return to worshipping Him.



The Elders