Weekly connections



June 11, 2024






Sunday, July 7 Bring A Friend Sunday

June 9-14 WSM Encounter at LCU

June 12 Money due for the show at The Plaza on July 6. See Lu for more info.

June 15 Men’s Breakfast, FLC, 8 a.m.

June 16 Father’s Day Brunch

June 18 WSM TNT, FLC, 6-8 p.m.

June 19 Koinonia Fellowship Meal, FLC, 6 p.m.

June 23-28 WSM Camp Champion at LCU




Devotional Thought for the Week



Jacob is old and he is near death. He is a poor refugee shepherd. He has no land to give his children. And yet, he blessed his children with the great blessing of faith. In Genesis 49:22–26 Jacob blessed his children by telling them of his walk with God.  


Jacob does not shy away from telling his children of the time when he did not walk with God. During his period of rebellion Jacob never doubted God’s existence or that he was the Mighty One. But Jacob would not name God as his God. Rather, he referred to God as the God of my father, the God of Abraham. Jacob means cheater and Jacob lived up to his name. Jacob cheated his father (Isaac), his brother (Esau) and his father-in-law (Laban). Jacob’s rebellion against God and his cheating against his family left a path of broken relationships in its wake.


Jacob blessed his children by telling them how he turned back to God. Jacob’s cheating eventually caught up with him. He had cheated his father-in-law one time too many and he had to flee. He ran back towards home. But as he drew closer to home the fear of facing the brother who he cheated now faced him. In desperation and in brokenness Jacob wrestled with God. This wrestling match wore Jacob out and it gave him a limp. Yet, Jacob discovered that God is a Shepherd who cares for broken and wounded people.     


Not only did God tenderly care for Jacob, but God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. God blessed a cheating, rebellious, stubborn man by giving him a new name and a new purpose. Israel becomes Jacob’s walking-with-God name. For the rest of his life Jacob/Israel walked with a limp, but he walked with God. It is better to limp with God, than walk upright by yourself. God now became the Stone of Israel.


Now that Jacob is walking with God he tells his children, the God of your father will be with you. Jacob has grown so much from the days of his rebellion when he referred to God as the God of my father, the God of Abraham.


Jacob has one more blessing to give his children. Jacob looks towards the future when he will no longer be with his children. His children will be in Egypt, and they will face challenges Jacob did not face. God blessed his children as he tells them they can face the future because the Almighty will bless them.  


Grace and Peace